Friday, May 27, 2011

Nine West SALE!!!!!!

I just have to share some of the amazing sales that Nine West is currently having! Check them out at and click on the "Sale" tab. WARNING: You will be tempted to buy it ALL! :)
Here are only a few of my favorite finds:

Kirra Hobo bag only $31.60:

Bailar shoes by their Boutique 9 line $56.00:

Bacchus also by Boutique 9 are $102.00 on sale:

Skydive Satchel bag so cute for only $34.99:

Westside Cross Body bag ONLY $19.20:

My sister Stephanie has these shoes! They are called "Rope" and are on sale for $47.40. They are so cute!

Hiala for $53.40:

Darkstar for $59.40:

Almund for only $35.60:

There are so many more items for sale at and most of the items I posted come in other colors!
I love a good sale :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recycle Your Clothes!!!

My husband and I are moving soon! Exciting and lot's of packing going on! Realizing that our move date is coming up, I decided to begin packing some of my clothes and seeing if I can recycle anything. Looking at my clothes, which fill 3 of our closets at home and a wide clothing rack, I instantly became overwhelmed! I used to recycle my clothes a lot more. (By recycle, I mean take them to a clothing store where you can sell or trade your clothes, thus recycle them). Here's what I do to get organized and get going (not to mention make a little extra cash on the side!)

1. First I make sure I have a good chunk of time set aside to focus. I go online and search for local recycled fashion stores. I have a few that are my favorites but I always like to search the net for any new ones that may have opened!
This is one of my favorite recycled fashion stores: Crossroads on Hawthorne in Portland, OR

2. Call the ones that look interesting and ask them what clothing/accessories they are currently accepting for sell/trade. These things are usually based on the season (winter, spring, summer, fall)

3. Once I know where I am going and what items I need to sell, I begin sorting through my clothes! I take one closet at a time and look at each item one by one and ask myself some questions: when is the last time I wore this? How did I feel when I wore it? Did I wear it more than once? Will I wear it again and if yes, with what?

If it's something I have never worn that has been sitting for a while, I probably won't ever wear it. Usually if you love something you wear it right after you buy it! If it's something I wore once but don't feel too excited about it, I get rid of that too! The key is to actually get rid of stuff! If you have a hard time deciding put it on and try to create an oufit. If you can't figure out what you would wear it with, get rid of it. Sometimes it's hard but just be honest with yourself! Is it just taking up space in your closet? You can sell it or trade it in for something else that you actually wear!

4. Begin creating piles such as: sweaters, jeans, skirts, tank tops, etc.

5. Once you have gone through all your clothes, sort through your piles to see what is in good enough condition to sell/trade, what you would rather just donate, and what needs to just be thrown out.

6. Next decide what things are in season, put them in bags, and head to the store! Whatever is not in season can be stored somewhere until you can sell/trade them.

We have a long 3 day weekend ahead of us! This may be a good time to clean out that closet and sell/trade/recycle some items! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Pastel Romance

Pastels are so romantic...... here is some pastel inspiration! Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Neutral Colors

Who says neutral colors are boring? When you are not sure what to wear, put together a few neutral pieces that are sure to match and don't require a lot of thought! Last Friday I was running late so I didn't have a whole lot of time to mix and match my clothes so I stuck to the basics: black, white, gray, and creme. Easy and classy, great for a Friday at the office!

Off white creme Cathy Jean Shoes on sale for $60.00

Black/Gray Gibson Jacket $88.00 at Nordstrom
Rock& Republic Jeans only $60.00 on sale at Nordstrom
White Trouve tank top $33.00 Nordstrom

(Click on images for larger view)

I hope you are all having an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ballet Inspired Fashion

Lovely Ballet Inspired Fashion ideas - and where to get the look at an affordable price!

Forever 21 has lots of cute ballet inspired items for cheap from shoes to hair accessories and everything in between!! Here are a few I grabbed off their website today. Check their website for pricing and locations:

H&M also has some really cute ballet inspired items. I tried on a few of these dresses and LOVED them! Check out their website for details on pricing and where to find a store near you!

Urban Outfitters has two cute dresses right now ranging in price from $69.00-$79.00:


xoxo ~ Denise
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