The Truffle Hunter Restaurant - Mother's Day Outing

It was so nice to get together with the family on Mother's Day! We went to a restaurant in Downtown Gresham called The Truffle Hunter. This restaurant is located in a cute little home that was built in the early 1900's. Original woodwork and artwork creates a vintage and warm atmosphere, perfect for family gatherings! Here are some pictures:

This is were we were seated. The fireplace was beautiful with antiques placed behind the glass on each side and on the mantle:
This chalk board was in the main entrance with the daily specials... and some wonderful treats:

I just loved this sign in the entrance "Enter As Strangers, Leave As Friends". The walls were also lined with pictures from the original family that built this home.

AND..... In my previous post I listed some fun creative Mother's Day gift ideas and said I was making some candle holders for my mother. Here is what I created!

This one is filled with silver floating candles and crystals. The thought behind this was that when the large candle burns out, she can add water and use the floating candles:

This one was my favorite! I started by putting crystal and black beads in the bottom and placed a silver candle on top. Then I wrapped some ribbon on the outide:

My husband and I at Truffle Hunter Restaurant. We had such a wonderful Mother's Day! I hope you did too!!

~XOXO Denise~

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