60 outfits in 60 days!

Have any of you taken a "break" from shopping and worn only what you already own?

My husband and I are trying to save money to purchase a new home! In order to save, we looked at our budget and monthly spending and looked for ways to cut expenses. One of the areas I decided to give up for a while is shopping for clothes. I don't know about you, but I LOVE shopping so this truly will be a challenge for me!

For 60 days I am going to only wear clothes that I already have. I will post my outfit for each day and see how "creative" I can be with what I have! My motto for the 60 days is going to be "do what you can with what you have."

My 60 Outfits in 60 Days challenge will begin on Monday August 1st! (this upcoming Monday!)
"Do what you can, with what you have....." Theodore Roosevelt
Stay tuned...................!

PS: I have been keeping up w/ my running! I have not skipped any days! In fact I ran about 4 miles on Tuesday and 2 more yesterday. I went to a park by the water downtown. It was such a beautiful day that it made me want to keep going! I am day 7 of 14 into my running goal!

I have also added a link to my Weardrobe account to the right of my blog! Check out my online closet with some of my favorite items!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!!!!

Hugs & Love ~ Denise