Day 11 - 60 Outfits in 60 Days

No, I am not 1 legged :) My right foot was up against the wall :)

Me being silly

This is my favorite part of this dress!

Yes, the same purse again! I promise I will wear a different purse tomorrow!
Today I wore my Marc Jacobs dress that I acquired from Buffalo Exchange for only $40.00! This is the only Marc Jacobs item I own. Although I love this brand, I'm not much of a "name brand" person (plus I can't really afford to ONLY wear super expensive brands). I don't care what brand or where I get my clothes from! I only care that they fit and that they make me feel good! Is that a fashion faux pas? :) Anyone else feel this way? This is not to say that I don't sometimes splurge, but for the most part, I'd rather get a good deal! I seem to always like my thrift finds and bargain buys more than anything out of my closet!

Anyways, I paired the dress with my Modern Vintage brand pumps that were given to me by my sister. She got them from a recycled fashion store and gifted them to me. Well, I actually saw them in her closet and begged her for them until she finally decided I probably wanted them a lot more than she did! Either that or she wanted me to stop begging her for them! I wanted to give the dress more of a vintage feel, so that is why I chose to wear these shoes w/ it (atleast I tried!). I'm also wearing the same bag again! It takes so much effort to switch handbags, so I just wore this one again. Good thing it actually matches!

My day:
Went to work.
Came home, ate dinner.
Went to the park w/ my hubby to meet up with friends and play volleyball.
Came home, feeling super tired.
Washed up and went to bed. :)

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!