Day 12 - 60 Outifts in 60 Days

Day 12 Outfit:
I wore this outfit to work all day:
Blouse: Forever21 - $14.99 (I think?)
Black skinny jeans: H&M
Wedges: JCPenny - $29.99
Yellow Belt: H&M
Yellow Handbag: Khols

Yesterday marks two weeks since I started my no shopping for 60 days challenge. Through this challenge I have come to know a very important fact: I have a lot of thrifted items in my closet (my husband can't complain that I shop a lot anymore, at least I am a bargain shopper.... right?!?!) Pretty much any item that cost me over $100.00 was either a gift from him or purchased before we were married. Excuses, excuses, I know! But in all reality, this challenge has made me realize that I have all I need in my own closet! Rather than going out to buy a new outfit for an upcoming event, I am finding myself going into my own closet and being creative. You should really try it! I have much more appreciation for my own clothes now that I am not looking to buy more! Plus the extra money we are saving is really nice!

I can't lie and say that I don't have sudden extreme urges to shop, but the temptation has not overcome my will......yet :)

What was my Friday Like?
Went to work all day.
Came home and slipped into something a little more colorful.
Headed to The Bite of Oregon with some good friends and ate awesome food and listened to awesome music!
After Bite of Oregon we went to watch the meteor shower. By then it was 1:00am so we grabbed an EARLY breakfast then headed home! We had a blast! Here are some pictures!
I put on these pink skinny jeans from JCPenny with some flat sandals and the same top. I wanted more color in my outfit and comfy shoes since we were walking all night!

With my friend and co-worker Karisa. When I told her that I was starting my no shopping for 60 days challenge, she was inspired and decided to do it with me! Check out her blog and cute outfits here:

My hubby making faces in pictures (which is very typical of him)

I finally got him to smile and not be silly! I think he is the most handsome man ever :)


I want these glasses! They are fake from Urban Outfitters and are Karisa's! They are so cute a goofy!

We got here early (luckily) the line was so long later it wrapped around the corner down the street!

Philly Cheese Stake. This was seriously delicious!!

I thought this was such a cute way to keep water cool! Great idea for a backyard party!

The music was awesome! I was country/blues which I love!

I hope your Friday was fun!


XOXO ~ Denise