Day 17 and Lovely Blog Award!!

Here is what I wore on this beautiful Wednesday!

Cardigan: F21
Button up Blouse: H&M
Skinny Pants: H&M
Gold Flats: Steve Madden - Thrifted
Purse: H&M

My lovely friend Domnika did my nails last night. She did such an awesome job! I love them!
I remixed the same blue cardigan that I wore on Sunday but put it over a flowered button up blouse. Can you believe I have had this sweater for well over a year and have never worn it until Sunday? Thanks to my no shopping challenge, I am being much more creative with my wardrobe and actually wearing all my clothes!
(I would like to thank my handsome husband for being so supportive and for taking my lovely picture)

And now off to the next topic of tonights post:
I received my first blog award from the lovely Fariha of Can't Run in Heels. That was very sweet of her to nominate my blog! Thank you!!!!
Name your favorite color-  Purple
Name your favorite song- I don't have a favorite song but can't get enough Lady Antebellum at the moment
Name your favorite dessert- Panna Cotta from Papa Haydn
What upsets you- People that are sincerely mean
When your upset you- Clean stuff
Your favorite pet- Norman - my 4 year old dog
Black or white- Black
Your biggest fear- Heights
Best feature- My hair (when its long :)
Everyday attitude- Thankful for another day
What is perfection- True love
Guilty pleasure- Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino 
1. I speak Romanian fluently - I was born in the United States but my parents are from Romania. They came about 30 years ago.
2. I commuted from Portland to Seattle for 2 years to get my Masters Degree because they did not have the program I wanted to do in Portland. (Yes, I DROVE from Portland to Seattle for two years for class).
3. My hair is naturally straight but I still straighten it with a flat iron every morning (unless I curl it).
4. I love coffee. So much that I get terrible headaches when I don't get my coffee for the day. One grande Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks please!
5. I love thrift shopping. If my entire wardrobe were thrifted I would be very proud.
6. I live in Portland, OR and would never dream of moving
7. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. We are all very close.


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