Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 25 - 60 Outfits in 60 Days

IMG_6416 - Copy

Blouse: Crossroads Recycled Fashion
Skinny Jeans: BDG - Urban Outfitters - Find them here!
Shoes: JCPenny - Find them here! or Similar ones here!
Handbag: Rafe for Target - they don't sell this anymore, I bought it a while ago


Sparkly Nails :)

A few people asked me what kind of camera I use. Here it is! The Canon Rebel t3i.


Nothing like a fresh salad for dinner with some fresh fruit!

Tomorrow morning my husband is leaving until Monday on a trip for his friends Bachelor Party. I decided I don't want to stay home alone so I will be sleeping at my parents house all weekend (in the house where I grew up!). I am excited to spend the entire weekend with them like old times when I used to live there! My old bedroom is now a guest room but I am sure I won't sleep there and will just sneak in bed with my little sister ;)

First thing after work tomorrow: Pedicure!

My sister got me a gift certificate to get my nails done like a year ago! Because I don't live near my parents anymore I have never used it, the salon is so far from where I live now! Since I am sleeping over this weekend I can finally use this gift certificate!

Looking forward to this weekend......




i love your look!you have a lovely blog and im following u now
kisses from prague and have a great day!

DeniseAngela said...

Cute look today & what a fab sister you are to spend time with your family while the hubby is away!

loubehr said...

Yayyyy what a cute outfit !!!

Love ur blog ! and thanks for all ur sweet comments :) !!!

Marga.ri.ta said...

I love your shirt! It's really nice :) Great photos, too..

Souri said...

Hello Denise, thank you for your comments and following, I´m following you too!
Your blog is awesome, I love your outfit :)

Greetings from Slovakia

Preziosa said...

Nice shoes!

MartilaMi said...

obviously I follow you! Thanks for your answer and I hope you visit my blog very soon!
kisses ♥
Glamour Marmalade
Facebook Page
Twitter Page

SandM said...

Nice outfit, You look good!:)
Love ur camera!
Take care x ♥

Priscilla said...


CottonCandyINK said...

love , love LOVE you bag!

Axelle said...

Thanks for your comment!
You have a nice blog with great style!

zizi bloom said...

thank you for your comment darling!
i follow you back!
have a great weekend!

rebelrousher said...

I love this outfit! Your top and shoes are super cute :)


BESOS LYNN said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I am checking out your blog, great outfit posts!

Rianna Bethany said...

really nice top and like the bag too

Rianna xxx

Eclectic Flair said...

Those jeans look great on you! I've heard good things about the U.O. jeans and had a question, do they stretch out/lose their shape? I like jeans that don't lose their shape too much because then I get that "saggy butt" thing. You know what I'm talking about? And since I'm asking questions, what kind of hair products do you use? I'm looking to achieve nice volume like yours. :)

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Denise Pacurar said...

Hi Lidi! I emailed you about the jeans and my hair :)


Hailey said...

LOVE the shoes!!!

Klaudia B. said...

You look fantastic :)
I like your blog.

Klaudia B.

Katie said...

Love your top! A pedicure and weekend at home sounds fantastic! xo

Costin Moraru said...

beautiful outfit, it's so sweet, and the photos look amazing!
i hope you have a great weekend, Denise!

Costin M.

Daria said...

such a lovely look! And this blouse looks perfect on you :)


romwe said...

Your eyes look so charming,and your pretty pretty face,wow,so amazing,the blouse has a quite special effect with the cute design for the texture.Your shoes,want a pair of them too,:D It would be really nice if you could check out my blog and follow back if you like it...

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