Day 25 - 60 Outfits in 60 Days

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Blouse: Crossroads Recycled Fashion
Skinny Jeans: BDG - Urban Outfitters - Find them here!
Shoes: JCPenny - Find them here! or Similar ones here!
Handbag: Rafe for Target - they don't sell this anymore, I bought it a while ago


Sparkly Nails :)

A few people asked me what kind of camera I use. Here it is! The Canon Rebel t3i.


Nothing like a fresh salad for dinner with some fresh fruit!

Tomorrow morning my husband is leaving until Monday on a trip for his friends Bachelor Party. I decided I don't want to stay home alone so I will be sleeping at my parents house all weekend (in the house where I grew up!). I am excited to spend the entire weekend with them like old times when I used to live there! My old bedroom is now a guest room but I am sure I won't sleep there and will just sneak in bed with my little sister ;)

First thing after work tomorrow: Pedicure!

My sister got me a gift certificate to get my nails done like a year ago! Because I don't live near my parents anymore I have never used it, the salon is so far from where I live now! Since I am sleeping over this weekend I can finally use this gift certificate!

Looking forward to this weekend......


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