A few of my favorite things - GIVEAWAY!

Do you remember the song from The Sound of Music:
"I simply remember my favorite things....."

I heard this song on the radio several times over Christmas and it gave me the idea to do a giveaway of a few of my favorite things!


1.) A cozy knitted scarf! I always love knitted scarves to stay warm and complete an outfit.
2.) Red nail polish and a buffer to keep the nails looking pretty.
3.) Pretty pink lip gloss - maybe for that New Years kiss? :)
4.) Warm, fun printed socks!

I bought one of these knitted scarves for myself and wore it yesterday

To enter you simply have to be following my blog via Google Friend connect on the right side bar and leave a comment on this post so I know you've entered the giveaway!

My husband and I are leaving to New York early in the morning tomorrow and won't be back until the 3rd so I will announce the winner when I get back!

PS: I will be taking LOTS of pictures while in New York so if you are interested in following me through pictures during my vacation you can find me here:

Have a wonderful week and Happy New Year!