Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life Lately

Sometimes life gets busy, and for me; I'm in one of those go-go-go times right now. Here is what I've been up to lately captured through Instagram

  • Spending countless hours going to open houses. This picture was taken on a Sunday in the car w/ my hubby going to open house Sundays:

  • Trying to eat healthy & take my vitamins which means extra time spent preparing meals so I don't eat out:
  • I joined the gym again to help me stay in shape and stay motivated. This was taken after my first workout back at the gym. I was happy to be back and felt great!
  • Casual outfits  and pulled back hair because when you are on the go you need cute AND comfortable:

  • Focusing more on my relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm trying to spend more time reading the Bible daily and reflecting on it. I'm also part of a Precept Bible Study class and we are currently studying the Book of Esther. When this part of my life is neglected a lot of other things seem to fall apart. Staying centered on His word helps me stay focused and renewed each day:
  • Trying to make sure I get  enough rest and downtime. I'm still recovering from a cough I've had for 3+ weeks now!

  • And of course, I have to fit in my much loved craft time:

  • Spending lots of quality time with my husband who brings so much joy to my life, and I can't forget little Norman :)

I'm just living life every day and loving every moment!

What's occupying your time lately?


preethi said...

Yay for cute & comfy outfits! Those shiny shoes are awesome. :)

lace, etc.

Mamasita said...

What an incredibley wonderful perspective to have!!! Keep it up Girl!! :)
We have been busy bees here... enjoying the much anticipated SNOW, thrifting :) and of course Valentine's Day crafts!!! <3
Blessings to you sweetie,

Nichole said...

Looks like despite being busy your having a great time! Love the crafts and your outfit so cute!

Outside Looking In said...

Wow, really nice post! I started making my "blackboard" bulletin board on Sat. I can't wait to finish it!


Daniela said...

good for you for keeping your cool through all of it! Good luck finding the house!

Sarah Stright said...

Aww cute post. Looks like you have a lot going on, but at least you're wearing cute outfits through it all :)

modern Suburbanites said...

adorable photos!!


bevy said...

you've been a busy bee. i like that perspective that women of God can't be like women of the world. good reminder. thanks.

Char! said...

very productive time for you! lovely photos X

Please may I? said...

Such a lovely post and I think that quote is perfect. It reflects what we all tend to forget.

It is also so lovely to have faith mentioned as such a strong thing in your life. Bible studies help us to remember how we can show and share the lords love in our lives. Thank you for sharing.

X x

Ps hope your cough disappears soon. x

Kira said...

Sounds like good things keeping you busy :)

Shug in Boots said...

Girl, your casual outfits look like my "together" ones. I can't wait for my hair to get longer so I can start pulling it back/doing this top knot thing. I too have been wanting to spend more time in Bible study, but I don't know where to start. I suck. I did buy a book on covering the Bible in 365 days ... I need to actually pick it up, because I feel like my whole world goes better when I read and spend time reflecting and talking to Jesus. Good luck on all of your goals!

Jackie said...

What an awesome post. You look adorable and I love the fact that you stay grounded and focused through reading the bible and praying!! Love It!!
Jackie ;)

CottonCandyINK said...

love these photos, they tell a story... of course the captions help too ;-)

Erin said...

Look at you! You are a go getter! :) I love how you set goals and see them through! Wish I were better at this :) You are adorable!

♥Elizabeth♥ said...

Love the quote in your post, I 100% agree with it. One of my pet peeves is people who are never happy, complain about everything, and act really tough and cold. I agree again when you said if you don't read the word your life feels like it's not going right or falling apart


cool post! totally agree with you! and i love the quote



Kajsa Conzatti said...

SO today i had a long talk with a friend of mine a fellow blogger.. we talked a lot about how blogging should be about what you love and who you are, not another Emily from cupcakes and cashmere or rumi from fashiontoast. Soooo Thanks for being yourself and being different!! love it and your blog!


Buda benim dunyam:) said...

very nice photos!
I'm very busy also..
I'm working,studying at unv and waiting a baby :)


The Jones said...

Very cool...I'm trying to get more in the Word lately too. I've been great with prayer times (what's better in the shower in the morning, haha), but sometimes slack off on getting into the Bible. Thanks for reminding me today :)

Cute outfits ...I'd love to see the full length!

<3 Cambria

Sarah said...

I love instagram these are all such cute snapshots!

Denisa said...

Hi Denise!

I've been following your blog months before I created my own. I absolutely love your fun, quirky style!
Not to mention your shoes are to die for!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Much love,


Carmela said...

Love the flats, I'm actually working on a post for my jewelry blog which will highlight the "metal toes" trend.

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