Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{the little things}

It's the little things in life: captured through my Instagram:
Picnik collage 1

Above from left to right:
  • Strawberry shortcake for two <3
  • Essie nails in "Play Date"
  • Curls in my hair for a bridal shower
  • Spring walks with Norman
  • Making eggs benedict for me and my hubby on Saturday morning in my "egg cooker." They turned out perfectly!
  • I love reusing empty bottles for home decor
  • Polka dot nails
  • Kissing my beautiful niece
  • A little late night reading in my pj's
Picnik collage 2

Above from left to right:
  • Floral scarf and pretty ring from my little sister
  • Colorful ice cream shop (and outfit) at Rockaway Beach
  • Yellow vintage phone at an antique store
  • Ladies weekend away at Rockaway Beach
  • Vintage suitcases = lovely home decor
  • Lenses
  • I got a heart with my morning coffee <3
  • Enjoying my Anthropologie perfume gifted by a dear friend
  • Dinner with the ladies in the family

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Cátia Rodrigues said...

I love those details my dear :)

CottonCandyINK said...

beautiful photos, they tell a story

the creation of beauty is art. said...

All of these photos are so beautiful! I love the nail art as well!

Jenni Bost said...

I always love seeing your instagram photos!

Sarah said...

I'm loving the egg cooker. We make a lot of stuff with eggs (breakfast is our fav meal) I should get one of those. Love all the other pics too =)

- Sarah

Moda said...

Bellissimo puzzle di foto!!!

Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...

love the photos!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love instagram. its my favorite!
also, i loveeeee those nails.
i love nail polish

Fictitious Fashion said...

Awwwwww.. Such lovely pictures.. u look beautiful in curls :) pretty nails and scarf.. that rose in the bottle luks vintage material!!
yummy cupcakes :D

My New post is up- Change is Inevitable.. or maybe you'd like to check White in Night.. or both! :D


Mamasita said...

the colors, the variety, the delicious food :) oh yes, and the heart on the coffee cup! i love getting one of those!
hope you are extraordinary!

oomph. said...

i totally remember those dial up phones...if only my parents kept them, lol!!

i just got on instagram as well...i'll look for you! i'm @rockoomph


xoxo Kellz* said...

love ure blog n this post sweetie

Patti Graveley said...

lovely pics, i like the suitcases as decor!

UnA said...

cute and fun pictures!

So lovely!

See you soon doll!

<3 Una

The Jones said...

That strawberry shortcake looks delish...and what a fun retro phone!

<3 Cambria

Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

Pearl said...

Love your instagram pics! Always so cute and colorful!
I was gonna ask, what program do you use to make that collage?
I used to use Picnik but now they closed, so I'm searching on witch one to use. This one seems really nice!


Leah said...

Such cute pictures!!

Katie said...

love your pictures !

Added you as a friend on Instagram :)


bevy said...

i like seeing all these little snapshots. so cool to see parts of a person's day.

that book looks interesting. please let us know what you think about it.

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