{The Little Things - Instagram + A thought for Monday}

What I've been doin lately:
1. Enjoying lots of long walks and jogs in my new neighborhood
2. Delicious Jasmine Tea & Apricot Ice Cream from the food cart lot near my home
3. Collecting plates to hang on my walls. A mix of Anthopologie and thrifted finds.
4. I'm slightly obsessed with Mid-Century furniture. Found this awesome stool and globe at a local thrift shop!
5. I've been craving fresh lemonade a lot lately. Especially on the warmer days.
6. Waves in my hair
7 & 8. Decorating here and there. Fresh peonies in my nook and little details in my kitchen.
9. My father and I on Fathers Day <3
10. Fathers Day banner made out of mason jar caps

Weekend Update

My husband had his surgery on Friday and so he wasn't able to do a lot on his own. I'm so thankful for my family and close friends for making meals for us and just calling to see if we need any help! I never realized how much my husband helps around the house until he could't do anything but lay there. I felt really overwhelmed with how much there was to keep up with and would not have been able to do it without help. This has been such a great reminder for us (my husband and I) to always be aware of those around us and lend a helping hand when we think someone needs it. Sometimes even just simply a call to check in makes all the difference!

A thought for Monday: Who in your life might need a little help or love?

Happy Monday!

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