Monday, August 27, 2012

{Fall is near}

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We had beautiful weather this weekend. There was a light breeze that made the leaves in the trees shuffle. It sounded and felt so much like fall! My husband and I went on a 1.5 hour walk around our neighborhood last night. I had to wear a light sweater because it was so breezy. This made me really excited for fall. I love summer but I am excited for scarves, layers, boots and hot cider by the fireplace.

What do you love about the fall season?


modern Suburbanites said...

love that blouse!

Style Journey said...

The color of your top is gorgeous! Hot chocolate, football, and boots are my fave things for fall. Heather

Amber said...

love that bag! I cant believe you went on a 1.5 hour walk. I would have passed out after 30 minutes.

Sugar with Spikes said...

love the bag!


Daniela said...

same here! I'm excited for layering and a change of shoes :)

Camelia said...

That blouse is gorgeous. Sooo pretty. I'm excited for Christmas really, hahaha, but also the seasonal drinks at Starbucks.

Please may I? said...

Thats a lovely top. I love summer, not that we get much of one in the uk! But for me nothing beats the feeling of warm sunshine on your skin. That said my second favourite has to be winter as I adore Christmas. No explanation needed I feel.

X x

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Your top is such a pretty color that reminds me of fall! Can't wait for it to get cooler out here in CA. Not sure that is going to happen anytime soon though :-(

The Jones said...

Autumn is my favourite too! I just love the colours (like this lovely rust you're wearing), the smells, the weather...huge fan of windy days and rain and cool temperatures. I just can't wait to snuggle up with some tea or coffee and good books, and layer up in my favourite clothes!

<3 Cambria

Janice Sherman said...

Love the blouse! The whole outfit is nicely put together!

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