Sunday, August 5, 2012

{Keepin it bright}

IMG_9780 IMG_9757 IMG_9787
Top: Calvin Klein
Shorts: Anthropologie
Sandals: Steve Madden
Purse: Thrifted
Necklace: Forever21
Watch: Kenneth Cole

It's been really hot in Portland these last few days. We spent most of the day yesterday indoors to avoid the 102 degree weather! We just lounged around and relaxed. The evening however was beautiful so we headed out for a stroll in the park and around the neighborhood. I'm not complaining, I'm just happy to have a warm summer season this year! The sun is shining bright and the days are long! Hope it lasts!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend too!
Happy Sunday!

PS: I'm not sure what that hose nozzle is doing in my entry way! I noticed it after looking through these pictures. It's funny how you can walk by something for days and not notice it!


the creation of beauty is art. said...

This outfit is so cute! I love that colour!

Please may I? said...

Loving the bright top, the colour is fab and suits you perfectly.

X x

Katie said...

love your bright top!! I do love summer weather but am getting exited for fall and fall clothes!

Joyce said...

Your bright top adds such a nice punch of color to your outfit! I like how you wore it with the white shorts :)

Amber said...

loving your bright top. Its been super hot here too but I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can cause I know winter is just around the corner.

Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...

love it!

Natasha xoxo said...

Keeping it bright is the only way :) Love the top!

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog

Jackie said...

Very cute outfit! and I adore the bag!!

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