Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wall Stories

I love walls with lots and lots of pictures, frames and decor... they tell a story about ones style, personality and life.
Here are a few spaces that inspire me....






 I have some empty walls in my home and am slowly collecting little pieces that will soon become my own wall stories.
Rather than just buying things to fill the spaces, I've decided to collect things that are memorable for us. I want my home to be a place that surrounds my husband and I with sweet memories <3
What inspires you?


modern Suburbanites said...

LOVE all of these ideas!

Petite and Hungry said...

i love each of the photos!

Amber said...

I love this! I have so much empty wall space too. I need to start collecting frames and such.

the creation of beauty is art. said...

These are all so gorgeous! I love picture frames!

Lily Marek said...

great inspiration photos!

eliz said...

I love crazy husband not so much! hahaha

Janice Sherman said...

Love all these wall ideas! Very inspiring!

Kira said...

That first photo is my favorite! We completely redid our bedroom when we moved in and bought new furniture. That was two years ago and we still have nothing on the walls. I need to get better about fully completing projects. I love art walls like that and I think one would look awesome right behind our bed.

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Love the eclectic mix of things in these pics. The yellow couch pic is my favorite!

stephanie_wedge said...

loving your blog!

I'm following you would love a follow back!

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