Saturday, September 1, 2012

evening strolls in the city

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This is how we like to spend our time. Beautiful city and good company.
 I've always dreamed of living in a big city like New York. I love the feel of a city...and how alive it is. We were fortunate enough to visit New York this past December-January and we absolutely loved it. We still talk about it almost weekly and even talk about the possibility of moving there someday.
However, coming back home to Portland reminded us about how much we love this city too. Although much much smaller than New York, it still provides much of the same culture and "city life" that New York has to offer (to a MUCH smaller degree).
Moving so close to the city has been so wonderful. It satisfies my dream of being close-in and it has helped us discover so many amazing restaurants and local places that we just love.
Perhaps someday we will entertain the idea of moving to New York again, but until then we are just loving where we are now.

Oh and happy first day of September!


modern Suburbanites said...

great photos!

the creation of beauty is art. said...

There is always something fun about wandering and exploring a city!

Katie said...

Thank you for your sweet words, Denise! (And for following!)

A goal of mine is actually to start using my DSLR camera more ... It's so easy to snap a photo with my iPhone, especially when it comes to a toddler who's always on the move, but the quality still just doesn't compare!

We have always heard wonderful things about Portland. Mr. M is from Northern California and we have a few friends who made the move to Oregon. Haven't been for a visit, but would love to!

Katie said...
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Katie said...

(Also, your newest follower ...)


Stevia said...

hopefully I can visit New York too someday :)
great pics!

The Sweetest Escape 

Olivia said...

You're just too cute! (: Love reading your blog, girl! Have a great labor day weekend!

Heather said...
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