DIY Pendleton Scarf

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 Supplies:  Scrap Pendleton wool- I got a 12 pound bag of Pendleton wool blanket scraps for $25.00 at the factory in Pendleton, Oregon. Best craft purchase ever!

Step 1: Lay the wool flat and cut to your desired length. (I just wrapped the wool scrap around my neck twice to get the length I wanted).

Step 2: Trim the edges of the Pendleton wool, removing fringe and other colors of wool that were attached at one point.

Step 3: Make sure you've cut off all colors and pieces of the scarf that do not belong (evenly I might add) and prepare the edges for finishing.

Step 4: Your finished edge should look similar to this, you have several options for finishing the hem of a wool scarf. You can pink the edges, hand stitch around the hem, or leave it raw as I did. (which is the easy way out ;)

And Voila! 
 (My youngest sis modeling the DIY!)
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