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Hellllooooo out there.
I am so excited that Denise is sharing her corner of the world with me today. It's not often that I get to get out & meet new folks! So let me introduce name is Jennifer and I'm the head honcho and thee only honcho behind Delighfully Noted; a charming, handcrafted stationery & invitation shop. I also run the Delightfully Noted blog where I share all things creative and everything delightfully in-between. You can read all about my crazy little life.

Now, I don't know about you but I can't wait to see this house remodel that Denise is working on! We are currently wrapping up a little room makeover of our own and in the process I've been on a DIY kick like no other.

Let me tell ya learning how to color glass was like a life-altering event. Mmmkay, maybe that's a bit dramatic but f'reals my old vases never had it so good. After all of the walls were painted & the big furniture decisions had been made it was time for the really fun part; accessorizing!
After giving it probably way more thought than it deserved I decided I wanted a little vase of flowers to place on the new coffee table I recently up-cycled & distressed.
In typical fashion I planned on scouring our local Home Goods but it pained me, like pesky- brother- forehead- flick type of pain to have to buy another darn vase. Over the years don't most of us tend to rack up quite a collection of vases & glass jars?
It's like the step before we become an old, senile cat lady. 
Don't say I didn't warn you.
I wondered if there was a way to dye glass & off to Google I went.
I came across a few tutorials but decided to use the technique Craftberry Bush did for her

To get the look you'll need:
Glass Vase or Jar
Paint Brush
1 tsp of Mod Podge Gloss Glue
1.5 tsp of water
 3 Drops of Food Color {may vary}
After cleaning & drying your glass vase or jar stir all of your ingredients together.  The amount & mixture of your food color will vary depending on what color you are aiming for.  I was going for the teal effect so I used 3 blue drops mixed with 2 green drops of food color.

Now you can either use your paintbrush to color the inside of your vase or do as I did and take the lazy way & just turn the vase on its side in a rotating manner until the paint/glue mixture has coated the whole inside of your jar.

Set the jar upside down on some paper towels in order to allow the access mixture to drip out. Turn right side up & let jar air dry.  Do the Macarena or clean house {haha clean house...that's funny} because seriously peeps it takes a few hours.
The color will continue to become more opaque as the vase dries resulting in what I consider to be very pretty & inexpensive accents for your home.
Oh the possibilities! Think of all the different colors you can experiment with. Seriously, I now want to dye all of my vases to go in all the different rooms of our house.

Little FYI, if you plan on using water in your vase you'll want to paint on the outside of the vase as this technique is not waterproof. It's kind of like the Wicked Witch of the West. Water equals melting & peeling. Not pretty at all.
So there you have it.....quite a simple project that makes such an impact in your room & decor.
I hope you'll stop by to say "hi" or check out all my other DIY projects.
Thanks again go swing a hammer or something.


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{THANKS Jennifer for the awesome DIY!! Make sure you all checkout her amazing blog and Esty shop!
If you would like to submit a DIY project to be posted on All Things New, click --->HERE for details! I know I said I would kick off the DIY series with my Autumn Wreath DIY but our house is currently torn apart due to the remodel so I have not had any time! So a big THANK YOU to Jennifer for kicking it off with a great project!}
{I have more reader submitted DIY's coming up! Stay tuned!}
xo, Denise

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