{It's the little things ~ captured via Instagram}

Our kitchen is done + I'm finally starting to put up wall decor:
My husband. I love you and can't get enough of you:
It's that time of year again when I get to wear all my fun, colorful tights: e634964a-5711-436f-a9b7-86a5e0c65feawallpaper
I love our home + some words to live by: c5700865-1833-4131-af83-b41fbc0bfca2wallpaper
Fall festives at the pumpkin patch + a visit for breakfast at our house from my brother, his wife & my beautiful nieces: 6349570b-eb76-46ff-ad73-e199d97daf2awallpaper
Fall hats + pumpkins in our front entry way (yes, I'm slightly obsessed with Fall): 754287d1-719b-44cb-be5b-7352034b6de5wallpaper
Soccer games with my favorite person + live music at our favorite local Jazz place: 5b4ada27-2b80-4461-9f56-78f718681b6fwallpaper
Satisfying our sweet tooth + Bike rides around town: 9918d5aa-8fb4-45a6-84ed-3ef37f245b46wallpaper
Wishing I could have this pizza from Eataly in New York right now + Hey, Norman! Your so cute! c947c1ec-bdef-4f2c-812c-28d7b6c3989dwallpaper

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