DIY winter wonderland mason jars

I saw these adorable {winter wonderland mason jars} on display at Anthropologie last weekend. 
Aren't they so cute?
I love Anthropologie and I love an easy DIY project!

IMG_2776 IMG_2747

{Step one} Put some glitter in the bottom of the mason jar
{Step two} Place trees standing up on inside of mason jar lid


{Step three} Tilt the lid sideways while holding the trees so they don't fall and close lid.
You can tape the trees to the lid but I found that they stay just fine w/out tape.
{Step four} Lightly shake the mason jar so the glitter distributes evenly

IMG_2764 IMG_2781 IMG_2779 IMG_2845 IMG_2820 IMG_2882

(All supplies were purchased from JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts)
I hope you are enjoying the season!
Happy Thursday!

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