A fun little party

^^ My beautiful little sister and I. There was a lipstick station where you can put on lipstick and make cute little cards to take home!IMG_3419 Untitled-4
^^Some of the lovely ladies! Suzannah (in the right picture) hosted this event. Her home is beautiful and will be featured in the Oregonian soon! She is also in the process of writing her first book which is pretty awesome! Check her out at her blog here.-rkeQQ-akvh8jFTSiguoTej89AFF64BR4y-Z0FFMjPU,yll0ZvkQUqVlDQJgwxhap0gOH3OucpigPSGt94p9qIU pics IMG_3456
^^Exchanging little Valentine's Cards with one another.IMG_3408 DGYm0vgMQAcTGOigWDKGwZcyLzHDxYun7njmUm9XMqw Untitled-3 IMG_3415 W_VLvemwB2h7z3mMgNhIyDWPzAu06SP_Xg3HfbhUT-w,fN38Oxs01LTfWv9tlUly9TssOp4BZr2FXiJ5_4WtdIw
 ^^Group photo! Almost all of these ladies have blogs! Find them at the Portland Bloggers site here
 There was so much beauty and creativity in one room! It was so nice to get together with everyone and celebrate Valentine's Day a week early!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day yesterday!
I'd love to hear what fun plans you had!
My husband and I went to our favorite local Pho Soup Restaurant and then came home and got in our pj's super early and spent the evening watching movies and cuddling. 
I would do this every night as long as it's with him!

Happy Friday! So glad the weekend is here!

xoxo Denise

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