23 weeks pregnant and already nesting

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I don't think "nesting" really starts until the third trimester....
(at least from what my Pregnancy Tracker app tells me!)
....but this mama has been nesting all week long!
On Tuesday night I took my whole downstairs bathroom apart and scrubbed it all clean and organized it.
Last night I came home from work and did the same thing to my kitchen!
It never felt better!
Nesting is awesome!
I feel like this phase of pregnancy has made me cleaning superwoman.
I don't know where all this organization and energy suddenly came from.
I'm making plans to go home tonight and work on my living room..... and I'm really looking forward to it.
With the upstairs still under remodel and our contractor walking in and out all day working I've slacked in the cleaning department quite a bit.
This week I just could not take it anymore.
I got a sudden urge to put the house back in order.

Waking up to the smell of the clean sheets surrounding me in my bed, a clean fresh kitchen to enjoy coffee and toast with my husband in, two bathed pups following me around as I got dressed, and the feeling of a spotless home made this a very wonderful Thursday morning.


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