A few thoughts on becoming a mom

Happy Mother's Day
It felt kind of weird at first to have so many people wish me a Happy Mother's Day but I am humbled to be able to call myself a mama (to be).
It's amazing to think that God somehow saw Jason and I worthy of such a big responsibility and gifted us with this little angel.
Amazing.... and so scary at the same time!
What a huge responsibility has been placed upon us!
Sometimes fear creeps into my mind:
Will we be good enough?
Patient enough?
Wise enough?
I'm not gonna lie; having this baby in September is going to turn our world upside down!
No more "let's just get up and go" freedom and no more "full nights of sleep" (at least not for a while).
Sometimes these thoughts hit me hard because I know this is coming so soon!
We are preparing as much as we can but I know there is no "successful parenting handbook" out there that will guarantee we are super stars at parenting.
I can ask for all the advice in the world, but when it comes down to it, I still won't have all the answers... and believe me, I am an "I want answers" kind of girl!

But, I know there's hope:
1) I've seen so many amazing mothers put so much purpose, love and intention into their jobs as mothers and I've seen the results
2) Knowing this child is a gift from God makes all this fear and anxiety quiet down when I am reminded that He entrusted us with this baby boy for a reason.
He knows I'm what this boy needs from a mother.
He knows Jason is going to be the right daddy for this boy to look up to and be best friends with.
God knew in advance that this baby boy would be ours..... it was just a matter of time..... and that time is here (well almost come September).
Now it's just up to us to live at a higher standard and make family a priority even more than ever before.
We are so okay with that because....

..{Family is a beautiful thing}..


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