Thursday, May 30, 2013

ramblings on pregnancy & weight gain


Being pregnant brings on so many body changes. Everything seems to be growing these days and I'm not just referring to my belly. I had my 24 week appointment on Tuesday and weighed in having gained 12 pounds total since the beginning of my pregnancy. At 24 weeks my doctor tells me I am right on track with my weight gain and am supposed to gain between 25-30 pounds total (give or take). To be completely honest, seeing the scale go up every time I weigh myself has been challenging for me; both emotionally and for my self esteem. This time around when my doctor told me I had gained 12 pounds, I have to tell ya, it seemed like a huge jump since my last appointment! I've really been praying for peace about the changes going on in my body throughout this pregnancy and am trying to let go of my body image; realizing that right now I just need to be healthy for my baby. After I have the baby I can focus on getting back in shape, but right now..... my main focus needs to be what is best for baby and his growth.
Society doesn't make gaining weight during pregnancy easy either. I see articles everywhere about "staying fit during pregnancy" or "staying thin during pregnancy." You look in pregnancy magazines and all you see are thin pregnant ladies. Each of us was created differently and each of our bodies will do it's own thing when we are pregnant. I know some women are naturally thinner than others and barely gain any weight during pregnancy but, I need to remind myself that I am different, my body type is different, and my pregnancy is unique - as everyones' is. I need to get past the number on the scale. Don't get me wrong, pregnancy is no excuse to over eat and gain an excess amount of weight just because you are "eating for two!" but I need to allow my body some grace and freedom to do what it was created to so perfectly do (make a baby). I am just trying to refocus my thoughts on enjoying this miracle as it grows inside of me. After all, only about 4 months (or less) left and we get to meet our baby boy!
With all that being said.... seeing my body change so much so quickly is hard physically and emotionally but and at the same time it is such an amazing God thing. Our son is growing inside of me!
Coping with all the emotions during pregnancy is a daily thing (I know a lot of this has to do with hormones!) and I'm not complaining. I'm not even being negative about this whole thing, just simply working through the motions.
For all you mothers, how did you cope with these thoughts? I'm sure I'm not the only one with these struggles, right?! I'm so happy to be pregnant! Actually, I am ecstatic and wouldn't trade it for the world but these are just some of the not-so easy parts of being pregnant. For me at least.
I think I'm going to go organize my "closet" and find those maternity pants...! Thanks for listening to my ramblings on pregnancy & weight gain.
♥, Denise


Simply LKJ said...

It is hard the first time around. I was 119 lbs (too skinny actually) when I got pregnant with my first. I lost a couple pounds due to being sick in the beginning then consistently gained. I gained at least 30 lbs (or more) with her. She was 8 lbs 2 oz. I lost most of the prego weight within the first few months, and then a little there after. My second, I gained over 50 lbs. She however was just shy of 10 lbs!!! So, 50-baby=40-water, prego stuff, etc...and it really didn't take long for it too to go away. I just wanted to be sure all were healthy. My best healthy (don't starve yourself worrying about weight), exercise (even if it is a 10-15 minute walk around the block), and let nature be. You will lose 1) the baby's weight at birth + some, and 2) the rest will work its way off later. And, I will confess your body can change with each pregnancy. I had more hips after the 2nd. But, I am OK with that. I now have a beautiful almost 20 year old daughter to thank for those!!! It is a beautiful thing, embrace it and the changes.

Shannon Boyce said...

I can understand why it is so hard. The fact that there are articles about being THIN while pregnant is crazy! I'm glad that you are trying to focus on the fact that you are being healthy instead!

Anonymous said...

awww Denise when I saw your photo....tears came to me....your beautiful! You definately have the baby mama glow! Weight I agree was a struggle for me too but I kept telling myself its ok the baby is what matters most. :p daily strugglei even if your not pregnant. society has an idea what "fat" is but when you think about it, God makes our bodies change when were pregnant just to make our lives easier to carry that little bundle. For me I can say with my 1st, Mia, I was just fine until the last couple of months until I ballooned because if water and swelling. So just take it easy hehehe. <3 ya, Memz

Anonymous said...

sorry wanted to show you this....

As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless.

2 Samuel 22:31

<3 memy

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Totally admire you for posting this! I'm not a mother yet but I do think about my weight a little too often, and have wondered what will happen when I am pregnant, hopefully in a few years. I do know that pregnancy is NOT the time to try to get skinnier or lose weight, and that worrying about unknowns--"will I lose it right away with nursing?" etc--doesn't do any good and may just raise your stress level, which could cause weight gain instead. =( I guess all we can do is do the research and learn all the facts we can about options and what our bodies need!

One of my fave blogger/authors was just on one of my fave health podcasts talking about her experience with her whole foods diet and pregnancy!

And, another of my fave podcasts did a real thorough podcast about diet and pregnancy, full of resources...

(I listen to podcasts all day at work. ;) )

Wishing you good health and calm during your pregnancy! Congrats again!!

eliz said...

I spend most of the pregnancy freaking out about trying to not get too "big" since some people gain 60 pounds supposedly. In the end I gained 32 pounds...just on target I guess. Don't freak out about the body changes right now...hahah youc an worry about it post need to gain needs you too! :-)

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