Pregnancy Update: 31 weeks

Top: H&M, Necklace: Boutique in Scottsdale, AZ, Belt: Target, Jeans: GAP Maternity, Shoes: Diane Von Furstenburg, Watch: Kenneth Cole, Ring: thrifted
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I cannot believe we only have about 9 weeks left until we get to meet our little babe♥
At a little over 16 inches long and roughly 3.3 pounds (four navel oranges), this little guy is getting big!
I can feel him move all around and my entire stomach moves with him... it's fun to watch!
I've started to have braxton hicks contractions two weeks ago.
I haven't had any throughout my entire pregnancy so having one for the first time was a strange feeling!
They aren't too bad and are just part of a normal pregnancy!
We ordered our crib last week and I was able to do my baby registry.
My sister is planning a big surprise baby shower for me in a few weeks - all I know is the date and that it's going to be at my house.
She scheduled the entire day out for me: manicure/pedicure in the morning, hair/makeup in the afternoon and then all I need to do is show up for the shower.
I'm really looking forward to a day of pampering and a suprise party spent with family/friends.
I love my sister..... she is always so thoughtful!
As far as the home remodel goes; we are getting there.
It's taken a lot longer than we anticipated because we had a hard time finding a few subcontractors for certain jobs.
The good news is there is not too much left.
Drywall is going up this week, then paint, doors/molding, fixtures and lastly carpet.
We have all the material either already bought or ready to order so it should only be a few more weeks to completion.
That will give me a few more weeks thereafter to setup the nursery and our master bedroom before baby arrives.
I'll be sure to share pictures of the remodel when it is done as well as our sons nursery!

Here's to another week ahead!
♥, Denise

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