Monday, August 12, 2013

pregnancy together

IMG_6037 IMG_6029
The other day my husband and I were driving home and out of the blue he said:
 "I can't wait to have a campout in our backyard with my baby boy."
my. heart. melted.

He has been so amazing throughout this entire pregnancy.
Always making sure I'm comfortable and happy.
Basically, we have been doing pregnancy together.
I never feel alone in this and am so thankful for that!
Having him be so invested has put my heart at ease about the responsibilities that come with parenting.
It's been so awesome to see my husband start to prepare to take on this new role as a father.
Seeing this side of him (becoming a father) has truly amazed me.
I have so much respect for him.
So much love and so much trust.
I can't wait to see him hold our son.

I'm looking forward to all the things that come with being a family with kids:
-Christmas mornings by the fire opening presents together
-Camping trips (or as my husband said - backyard campouts!)
-Bike rides around the city
-Picnics in the park
-Morning snuggles in bed
-Living room forts
-Bedtime stories and prayers

I love you Jason.
I love our life together.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Project "prepare for baby" remodel update

Here is a quick update of our remodel. 
These pictures were taken several days ago and since then all the moldings have gone up and all the doors/stairway railing. 
We have someone working on the tile in the bathroom today.
Hopefully it will be done by next week and then we can get light fixtures, our vanity and the carpet and we will be done!


I love the archway that was added. 
It really opened up the staircase and added a nice touch.


I also love that our master bedroom (seen below) will have double doors:

IMG_6098 IMG_6080

The nursery (pictured below) is so cute.
It has really low ceilings which gives it such a cozy and adorable feel.
I can't wait to decorate and set it up for our son!


The view from the nursery.
The window in this room used to be tiny so we changed it out for an extra large/tall window to bring in lots of natural light.


Remodels never go as quickly as planned but I am so glad we started as early as we did!
Whatever is left should be done within two weeks!

For pictures of the first phase of the remodel visit my post here.
I really won't be missing that dark cedar on the walls/ceiling and that ugly old wallpaper ;)

I'll post another update when everything is done.
Now I'm off to enjoy my Saturday!
Have a good weekend!
♥, Denise

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Picnic By the Sea themed Baby Shower

Ribbet collage 11
IMG_5727 Ribbet collage 12 Ribbet collage 3
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IMG_5765 Ribbet collage 1

My mom and sister pictured below♥

Ribbet collage 10
IMG_5675 Ribbet collage 6

How precious are my nieces pictured below!
On the left is Emily who will be 1 years old in September and on the right is Anjalina who will be 3 in December!
My mom is such a proud Grandma!
Our son will be her 3rd Grandchild!
Family is such a huge blessing
I love how our family keeps growing and growing♥

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IMG_5757 IMG_5680
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Wearing: ASOS dress | Kenneth Cole Watch | Francesca's Collections necklace | Anthropologie shoes
My sister on the left and my sister in-law on the right below.
These two ladies put so much time into the setup!
Thank you. I love you both!
I am overwhelmed by these pictures from my baby shower last weekend.
So much love, thoughtfulness and time was put into setting this up!
I am beyond blessed to have such amazing people in my life who made this all happen!
The baby shower was held at my house and was a surprise so I had to be out of the house by 10:30am so that the party planners could do all the setup.
At 10:30am I got in my car and went to get a manicure/pedicure.
Then at 1:30 I got my hair and makeup done by the fabulous Marina Mcavoy.
My sister scheduled all these activities for me to fill my day and pamper me! She is truly amazing.
Then at 4:00pm I showed up and was blown away by all the detail!
It was the most beautiful shower!

Most of the items you see in the pictures above (like the picnic table and bench) were made by my sister, brother and a friend - such amazing DIY projects!

I have to give special thanks to a few people who put so much into this:
1) My sister Stephanie who was the mastermind behind all of this. She came up with the theme and basically organized the entire thing! She has been planning for months!
2) My sister in-law Diana who helped Stephanie put it all together
3) My mom for making almost all the food
4) My mother in-law Maggie who made all the desserts
5) My sweet husband who kept it all a secret and helped plan and prepare the backyard
6) Marina McAvoy for the beautiful hair & makeup

And a big thank you to all my friends and loved ones who came to share in this special day and shower us with gifts and love!
This will be a day that I will always cherish!
It is such a an amazing blessing to have people in your life who genuinely care and share in your joys!

We have everything we need for the arrival of our son... it's just a waiting game now!

♥, Denise

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks

IMG_6021 IMG_6016 IMG_6017 IMG_6019
Dress: Anthropologie | Shoes: Me Too from Nordstrom Rack | Belt: Target | Necklace Thrifted
Our son is now as big as cantaloupe!
He is growing and growing in there and staying plenty active!
Every time I think about how close I am to my due date I get butterflies; I can't wait!
He weighs close to 5 pounds and is almost 18 inches long.
This third trimester has been my favorite so far.
I am feeling better than I did my entire pregnancy and preparing is so much fun!
Life is so blissful for my husband and I these days.

We've been getting the house all clean and organized.
I'm not the only one nesting around our home; he's been working on projects around the house for weeks to get ready for baby!
(He even did a little DIY for our backyard that I will share on here soon....)
We also had our baby shower on Saturday so my living room is full of beautiful gifts from friends and loved ones!
I feel so blessed and can't wait to share baby shower pictures with you soon!
I also promised a remodel update last week but the week got away from me, it was a busy one!
I took pictures of the remodel and will post them this week for sure!
We are so close to being done and I can setup the nursery!

I'm cherishing and enjoying every moment!
Only about 6 weeks left!
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