pregnancy together

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The other day my husband and I were driving home and out of the blue he said:
 "I can't wait to have a campout in our backyard with my baby boy."
my. heart. melted.

He has been so amazing throughout this entire pregnancy.
Always making sure I'm comfortable and happy.
Basically, we have been doing pregnancy together.
I never feel alone in this and am so thankful for that!
Having him be so invested has put my heart at ease about the responsibilities that come with parenting.
It's been so awesome to see my husband start to prepare to take on this new role as a father.
Seeing this side of him (becoming a father) has truly amazed me.
I have so much respect for him.
So much love and so much trust.
I can't wait to see him hold our son.

I'm looking forward to all the things that come with being a family with kids:
-Christmas mornings by the fire opening presents together
-Camping trips (or as my husband said - backyard campouts!)
-Bike rides around the city
-Picnics in the park
-Morning snuggles in bed
-Living room forts
-Bedtime stories and prayers

I love you Jason.
I love our life together.

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