how becoming a mom has changed me

 There are many things I said I wanted to do when I would become a mother; teach him to love the Lord, protect and take the best care of him as I possibly can, teach him to walk and talk and excel in school, never say anything that would hurt him, be extra patient, breastfeed for at least six months because breast milk is the best thing for him, spend as much time with him as possible, give him my undivided attention when we are together, etc.

Every year I make new resolutions and plan to stick to them.
I remember my resolution this year was to eat super healthy; I didn't always stick to this resolution and still can't say that I do.
However, this is totally different. 
I am a mother.
These promises I made to myself to be the best mother I can be are things I work at every single moment.
These are not things I want to give up on and so every day I need to remind myself of what type of mother I want to be.
What will my boy remember when he is older? 
What example am I leading by?
Life is no longer just about me. My life revolves around him.
If we are both hungry, he eats first.
If we are both tired, he gets put to sleep first. Even if it takes hours to calm him down into a deep sleep.
If I need to clean the house and do laundry but he needs to be held and cuddled, the chores can wait.
If all of my friends are going out but my baby needs me, I will stay with him and not have any regrets.
When I look at Charles I am filled with joy. Only someone who is a mother can truly relate to this kind of love.

Life is more meaningful and my every decision is more purposeful.
My sacrifices are greater but the reward of a happy, healthy baby brings so much blessing to our home.

I have had to give up so much but do it with a happy heart.
When I wake up in the morning, I no longer think of myself but rather what my baby needs and what we can do as a family.

 Before baby my husband and I had the freedom to just get up and go whenever we wanted.
Now we find ourselves choosing activities that we can include Charles in and many times, if he can't come along, then we don't go.
We love being a family.

The moment Charles came into the world, I became a mother forever and life has never been so full.
I love how I've changed.
I love the new level parenthood has taken my relationship with my husband.
I just simply love everything about motherhood.

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