two months old

Our Charles is two months old today!
I can harldy believe it!
Every week I can see how fast he is growing.
It is bittersweet: I'm excited for him to walk and talk but I'm sad that time flies so fast.
He is still as happy as the day he was born.
Charles likes to give us lots of big smiles and he loves to cuddle.
I can kiss his face all over a thousand times and he never cries or gets annoyed.
He is now sleeping 5-7 hours at night (we are sooo happy about this)
We love our sleep around here and I'm glad he does too!
He is also starting to "baby talk" which is the most adorable thing ever.
He has become so curious and loves to study the pictures on our walls or anything that moves.
It's been windy and rainy in Portland and I noticed he likes to sit and look outside at the sky and trees.
But the thing that makes my heart completely melt is when he looks me in the eyes and gives me the biggest grins ever.
My heart could burst.
Charles is our biggest blessing.
We love you sweet boy!