Two Christmas Trees!

Look at the smile on Charlie's face! I am convinced he already loves Christmas as much as I do :)

Something about the Christmas Seasons brings out the child in us.
I get all giddy the night before we get our tree and wake up super early because I can't sleep from the excitement!
We normally get our tree the Saturday right after Thanksgiving but the weekends have been busy so Jason and I decided to wait another weekend.
The week went by soooo slow... I could hardly stand it!
When Saturday morning rolled around we were excited not only that the day had finally arrived, but also because there was still some snow left on the ground.
Christmas tree hunt + snow = a very happy me!
This has to be one of my favorite family traditions!
I literally look forward to Christmas every year and the day we get our tree and set it up.
This year we met for breakfast with family before heading out to the tree farm.
We went to two different tree farms because we had to find the perfect tree!
I like to know I've seen them all before I make a decision!
It was a very cold and sunny 25 degrees but that just made it all the more "Christmasy."
After several hours of walking around the farms we finally found a lovely tree and right next to it was the cutest little tree that we got for Charlie's nursery.
I know Charlie is only three months old but he has been staring at the lights and ornaments on the tree ever since we set it up.
Christmas is my favorite and I just know it will be his too!
Next Christmas Charlie will be over a year and most likely walking.
I can only imagine the fun we will have next year when he can help us pick out the tree he wants!
My heart is so glad

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