A special day for Charlie

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Charlie with my parents and his cousins.
My mom and dad are proud grandparents of three grandchildren!

Little cousins!
I'm so glad Charlie has cousins. They will be such good friends as they grow up!


My dad and Charlie <3
"Bunicu" which means Grandpa in Romanian

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Both Grandparents!
Charlie is blessed to have both grandparents in his life.
(My parents on the left and Jason's parents on the right)


My good friend Olga had her son Ethan's dedication on the same day.
PS: She has an adorable blog here.


Jason's siblings.  Diana is Charlie's babysitter while I am at work. She is awesome and Charlie loves her!


My siblings! Family is the best!
I love all of my siblings (and siblings in-law).


Charlie has lots of Aunts to spoil him:


Prayers of blessing over Charlie:


We love you so so so so so very much Charlie!


What a special day!
It was all about Charlie!
We spent the day with family and friends showering Charlie with love and prayers of blessings.
It's amazing to know that the Lord has amazing plans for his life.
As a parent our deepest desire for Charlie is that he would grow into a man of God who is full of love, compassion and a heart for serving others.
My dear sweet Charlie:
You are a child of God.
You are wonderfully made,
dearly loved,
and precious in His sight.
Before God made you, He knew you...
there is no one else like you!
We love you so much and we are so happy you are ours!

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