weekend celebrations

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I did lots of celebrating this past weekend!
On Saturday night I went to a friends 25th birthday party and then on Sunday we had Charlies dedication at our church.
It was a weekend filled with celebration and joy with the people I love - my favorite kind of weekend!

This is the outfit I wore to Charlies dedication on Sunday - I will share lots of pics from his dedication later this week!
I don't always have time to get dressed up and curl my hair with a baby these days so when I get the opportunity I really enjoy it!
I recently got a new large barrel curling iron and I can curl my hair so much faster with it!
With a baby around things just need to be done faster than they used to!
I am loving skirts lately and with spring and summer around the corner I will be wearing them more and more.

What are some of your favorite wardrobe items right now?

Happy Monday

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