Wednesday, March 19, 2014

six months old

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At six months old Charlie is:
-grabbing anything & everything he can get his hands on, he is so curious!
-teething which means extra slobber and some fussy days
-putting everything in his mouth
-loves car rides, being thrown up in the air and the swings at the park
-still loves it when I kiss him all over
-could sit in the bathtub for hours and play
-still gets swaddled to sleep every night like a little burrito
-eating solids like a champion (pureed fruits, vegetables & certain meats)
-walking backwards in his walker
-trying to hold his own bottle
-trying to talk and communicate verbally
-sitting up on his own
We love this kid.

Happy half Birthday Charlie!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

hey you!

It's been quiet here at All Things New!
I'm just stopping by to drop a quick note on what's been happening these past few weeks since I haven't done a post for a month. It's been a busy few weeks....and I've been spending my free time just enjoying my husband and our son. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from blogging and social networking and just enjoy simplicity.

First of all, we have a six month old....... a six month what?! Charlie's half birthday was on Friday the 7th. Someone pinch me! (I will be posting his six month photo shoot and update this week - I'm just a bit behind!) Not only do we have a six month old, but we have a six month old teether which means less sleep for mama but lots more cuddles - it's not a bad trade off!
I've also been busy doing some more spring cleaning and decorating my craft room, Charlie's nursery, and our master suite (I need to do a remodel update & share the finished space with you)! I'm excited to share pictures of these rooms with you in the next coming months as I finish them. I'm also excited to start sharing more DIY projects with you now that I have my own creative space to do it in!

Coming soon on my blog:
Charlie's 6 month photo update.
A sweet proposal captured on camera.
Make your own journal/scrap book DIY.
A cute project idea made out of Origrami polaroid prints.

For now I'll leave you with these adorable pictures of Charlie on the swing.
His new favorite thing to do:
2 3 1
My sweet little stud!
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