Thursday, April 24, 2014

7 months old

Ok, Charlie..... stop being so darn cute. I just can't take it!
But seriously, just when I think it's not possible to love him more than I already do, my heart bursts.
I think of that scene in The Grinch where his heart suddenly grows and his chest hurts... I feel that way every time I look at Charlie.
I fall even more in love.
I love him so much it hurts. Literally.
I'm a bit behind on this post because at this point, Charlie is over 7.5 months old.
But time slips away from me these days so I'm just not as good at keeping up with my posts as I used to be.
At 7 months old all Charlie wants to do is sit up and see the world.
He can stand if he has something to hold on to and can even walk if he is assisted!
He can now walk around in his walker (although he prefers to walk holding my hands rather than in the walker).
He loves bright colors, different sounds and thinks hats are funny.
He suddenly hates car rides (he used to love them and slept most of the time but now desperately tries to sit up in his car seat which just isn't possible when we are moving and he is strapped in... sigh).
He still loves it when I sing to him, kiss him all over and play peekaboo.
Oh, and he is still sleeping in bed with us and we don't mind one bit.
I'm afraid to blink because before I know it he will be walking on his own and wanting to be independent.
I wish I could decide when I'm ready to let him grow up... but I can't so I'm just trying to enjoy each and every moment I have with him.
Being a mother has really taught me to be in the moment.
To cherish every little detail about our time together because I realize more and more how precious that time is

Sunday, April 20, 2014

spring essentials

When it comes to getting dressed, comfort and style are both equally important to me.
Especially now that I am a mom and I have to constantly be picking up my son and moving around a lot!
With warmer weather and more time spent out of the house I'm quickly learning that you don't need to sacrifice style for comfort; you can have both.
Here are some of my spring essentials right now:
  • Long dresses or skirts that are easy to move around in yet are still fun and stylish
  • Flat open toed sandals. I've been experimenting with fun nail colors lately and changing your nail color up really adds to an outfit.
  • Short simple necklaces that my son can't reach and grab!
  • Fun hats. It's all about accessorizing
  • Large bags, totes or in this case; a large easy to carry picnic basket that fits everything I need in one place
I feel like dresses always look nice and accessorizing a simple one, like this black dress I am wearing, can really make an outfit come alive.

What are some of your spring essentials right now?

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

picnics in the park

I love Portland! Especially this time of year when everything is blooming around us and everyone is out exploring the city. The blooms in SE Portland are particularly beautiful and we just can't seem to get enough outdoor time.These pictures are from a little family date we had at Laurelhurst Park. I packed some little snacks, some good reads and a comfy blanket and we spent many hours relaxing. We actually went on three picnics last week and those are only a few of many more to come.... Charlie loves being outdoors. Often times when he is fussy or having an off day, I just grab the stroller and go. It works every time and he is usually ready for nap after a long walk.
Portland comes alive when the weather gets nice and I just love how social this city is. We love exploring and discovering new places. Living in SE Portland makes it really easy because we are within walking distance of so many awesome places. I honestly can't imagine living anywhere else right now!
Tomorrow is Friday and I'm looking forward to another fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

i love you because... choose to spend your free time with me over anyone else, make me coffee and breakfast, watch Charlie so I can nap when I am tired, listen to all my crazy ideas and dreams, picnic with me & take me on long walks on the same streets but never get bored, tell me I'm beautiful no matter how I look, work hard to provide for our family,
...I'm the first one you call when you have exciting news or bad news, are such a fun and awesome dad, share your food with me even though I never like sharing mine, go grocery shopping so I don't always have to, hold my hand even if we are just hanging out at home,
...I love you because you're simply just wonderful.
Make it a point to let your loved ones know you love them and why you love them so!
Happy Tuesday

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

spring blossoms

There's nothing like the spring blossoms blooming all over Portland this time of year!
Last week I enjoyed a nice little picnic on Waterfront Park with some girlfriends and our little ones.
I forgot my camera at home so these were taken with my iPhone.
(The quality is not that great, but you can still see how beautiful the blossoms are!)
We've been going on lots of walks and picnics.
I just love it when the weather gets warm enough for us to be outdoors as much as possible.
I'm really looking forward to this summer!
Happy Tuesday!
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