7 months old

Ok, Charlie..... stop being so darn cute. I just can't take it!
But seriously, just when I think it's not possible to love him more than I already do, my heart bursts.
I think of that scene in The Grinch where his heart suddenly grows and his chest hurts... I feel that way every time I look at Charlie.
I fall even more in love.
I love him so much it hurts. Literally.
I'm a bit behind on this post because at this point, Charlie is over 7.5 months old.
But time slips away from me these days so I'm just not as good at keeping up with my posts as I used to be.
At 7 months old all Charlie wants to do is sit up and see the world.
He can stand if he has something to hold on to and can even walk if he is assisted!
He can now walk around in his walker (although he prefers to walk holding my hands rather than in the walker).
He loves bright colors, different sounds and thinks hats are funny.
He suddenly hates car rides (he used to love them and slept most of the time but now desperately tries to sit up in his car seat which just isn't possible when we are moving and he is strapped in... sigh).
He still loves it when I sing to him, kiss him all over and play peekaboo.
Oh, and he is still sleeping in bed with us and we don't mind one bit.
I'm afraid to blink because before I know it he will be walking on his own and wanting to be independent.
I wish I could decide when I'm ready to let him grow up... but I can't so I'm just trying to enjoy each and every moment I have with him.
Being a mother has really taught me to be in the moment.
To cherish every little detail about our time together because I realize more and more how precious that time is