i love you because...

...you choose to spend your free time with me over anyone else,
...you make me coffee and breakfast,
...you watch Charlie so I can nap when I am tired,
...you listen to all my crazy ideas and dreams,
...you picnic with me & take me on long walks on the same streets but never get bored,
...you tell me I'm beautiful no matter how I look,
...you work hard to provide for our family,
...I'm the first one you call when you have exciting news or bad news,
...you are such a fun and awesome dad,
...you share your food with me even though I never like sharing mine,
...you go grocery shopping so I don't always have to,
...you hold my hand even if we are just hanging out at home,
...I love you because you're simply just wonderful.
Make it a point to let your loved ones know you love them and why you love them so!
Happy Tuesday