Thursday, April 17, 2014

picnics in the park

I love Portland! Especially this time of year when everything is blooming around us and everyone is out exploring the city. The blooms in SE Portland are particularly beautiful and we just can't seem to get enough outdoor time.These pictures are from a little family date we had at Laurelhurst Park. I packed some little snacks, some good reads and a comfy blanket and we spent many hours relaxing. We actually went on three picnics last week and those are only a few of many more to come.... Charlie loves being outdoors. Often times when he is fussy or having an off day, I just grab the stroller and go. It works every time and he is usually ready for nap after a long walk.
Portland comes alive when the weather gets nice and I just love how social this city is. We love exploring and discovering new places. Living in SE Portland makes it really easy because we are within walking distance of so many awesome places. I honestly can't imagine living anywhere else right now!
Tomorrow is Friday and I'm looking forward to another fabulous weekend!


elle alice said...

Aww, what an adorable family! Was this Sunday? Greg and I were at Laurelhurst Park on Sunday and I thought of you because you live so close by . . . it would have been fun to have bumped into you again :-)

Please may I? said...

Lovely photos, your young man is growing up bless him.

X x

Skyline Spirit said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

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