Sunday, April 20, 2014

spring essentials


When it comes to getting dressed, comfort and style are both equally important to me.
Especially now that I am a mom and I have to constantly be picking up my son and moving around a lot!
With warmer weather and more time spent out of the house I'm quickly learning that you don't need to sacrifice style for comfort; you can have both.
Here are some of my spring essentials right now:
  • Long dresses or skirts that are easy to move around in yet are still fun and stylish
  • Flat open toed sandals. I've been experimenting with fun nail colors lately and changing your nail color up really adds to an outfit.
  • Short simple necklaces that my son can't reach and grab!
  • Fun hats. It's all about accessorizing
  • Large bags, totes or in this case; a large easy to carry picnic basket that fits everything I need in one place
I feel like dresses always look nice and accessorizing a simple one, like this black dress I am wearing, can really make an outfit come alive.

What are some of your spring essentials right now?

Happy Monday!


Gentri said...

This is so adorable!! I love everything! Please tell me you went on a perfect picnic w that basket. Love it!

Shannon Boyce said...

What a gorgeous outfit! I just love that hat. Amazing!

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

you look adorable!! i love that hat.

Please may I? said...

Loving the hat hun.

X x

elle alice said...

Love the outfit, D! You pull off the hat so well! And the sandals are adorable! I love your neighborhood! I always think of you when I drive to my parent's house from church.

MACY said...

i miss coloring my toe nails so i can wear flat sandals more!
such a comfy wear!

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