a trip to the zoo!

This warm weather is just calling for us to stay outdoors. These are a few photos from our trip to the Oregon Zoo this week! Although most of the animals were asleep in the sun or hiding away, we did get to see some of the main attractions like the polar bear, elephants, giraffes and hippos as well as the black bears. Charlie was mostly just interested in the fish, that seemed to be what sparked his attention the most out of all the animals. He was such a trooper! He took a short nap while we walked around mid-day and then napped the whole way home on the TriMet. Normally I don't like to mess with his nap schedule but now that he is nine months old (tomorrow!), he can skip a nap once in a while and not have a complete meltdown. As for me, I hadn't been to the zoo in years so I really enjoyed spending the time with a couple girlfriends and seeing all the animals.

Here's to the weekend!!

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