weekend review

Walking around town, eating our favorite little big burger, hosting meals for friends and family, celebrating daddy on Father's Day, starting the mornings off with waffles,  and spending every moment with each other are what I call perfect weekends. 

Charlie's first word was "tati" which means daddy in Romanian. Of course I thought his first word would be "mami" but I'm ok with him choosing to say tati first. The father-son bond they have is important and will be so important as Charlie grows up so I'm happy to see them bonding so early. Besides, I just love sitting back and watching these two crazy boys.

One day last week Charlie had gone down for a nap. Jason came upstairs to peek into the nursery but Charlie heard him. He quickly walked out to avoid disturbing him and came back downstairs. All of a sudden you hear "tati, tati, tati, tati" over the baby monitor. (which was then followed by crying and no longer wanting to nap) but how sweet. I'm excited for Charlie's vocabulary to grow so we can have little conversations about anything and everything. 

Sometimes I think Father's are under-appreciated in comparison to mothers, but in reality, we couldn't raise these little munchkins without them. I'm thankful for my husband who is loving, hard working, and so present as a husband and father. I'm also thankful for my own father and all of the love, support and sacrifice he made for me and my siblings. I am truly thankful and blessed for the men in my life.

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