Tuesday, July 29, 2014

little boy nursery inspiration









Almost one year later and Charlie's nursery d├ęcor is almost complete!
I finally hung some little book shelves last week and put up a few pieces of art.
I didn't rush to finish it until recently because he was too small to really enjoy his big toys or his room.
Now that he is almost a year old he is interested in more books and toys so I figured it was time to complete his space.
I will share pictures in the next week or so but until then, here are a few pictures I got inspiration from.
Aren't little boy nurseries the cutest?!
For more inspiration checkout my Nursery Pinterest Board.
Nursery tour coming soon....!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ten months old

Photos by Jennifer at Spotted Stills Photography 

Life these days is full of joy.
I adore motherhood.
Charlie is growing right before our eyes and he is learning new things everyday.
Clapping and waving "bye bye" are his new favorite things - he literally claps at everything all the time.
He keeps me on my toes with his high energy levels and I just love it, it's contagious.

Ten months and counting....

Sunday, July 20, 2014

four years!

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary on July 10th.
We've made it a tradition to watch a concert or movie in the park on our anniversary each year. 
Last year we watched a movie, so this year we went to a local concert.
The band that played was a prohibition-era swing dance group - it was so much fun!
We packed a picnic and bought some banana-nutella crepes from a local food cart.
I love our little family traditions and I love this man I get to call husband for the rest of my life!
Here's to many more years and many more traditions in the making.
I love you!

PS: Year four of our marriage was extra special because little Charlie joined our world. 
We felt it was only fitting to have our sidekick join us in celebrating and we wouldn't have had it any other way!

The two loves of my life.

I absolutely love marriage and the many blessings it comes with!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Independence Day America!

Charlie waving "bye bye!"

He learned how to drink from a straw and that's all he wants to do now!

Charlie had never heard or seen fireworks before! He was fascinated by them for about five minutes before falling asleep for the rest of the show.

The fireworks were so beautiful, they lit up the night sky!

My two main guys. My crew and I just love them!

What a fun and memorable day!
This was Charlie's first 4th of July! I was afraid he might be scared of the noise from the fireworks but he didn't seem to be phased by it at all! 
He pretty much slept through the entire show.

There was a splash pad, live music, bouncy houses, lots of food vendors including a delicious elephant ear stand and kettle corn (my favorite!).

We left the park late and Charlie was sleeping in his car seat already so we had a late night run at 11:30pm and ate some fast food burgers.
I have not had fast food in so long (I try to avoid it), but I have to admit, it was delicious and a perfect ending to our day!
(Bonus: Charlie slept in until almost 9:00am today so we even got to sleep in a little this morning!)

I am thankful to live in America where the opportunities are great and the freedom is real.
God bless America!

Happy Independence Day!
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