Rustic Vintage Bridal Shower

My little sister is married!
Her wedding was on March 14th, but these pictures are from her Rustic Vintage themed bridal shower back in February.
I only have one sister so as soon as she got engaged, I got to work because I wanted every little detail to be just perfect.

We used lace, burlap, vintage books/book pages and lots of greenery to make this room come alive.
We ripped pages out of an old love poem book and glued them together to make table runners. 
We then placed greener over the runners and vintage books in the center.
The favors were coffee filled bags stamped with "Let Love Brew" on them.
There was moss hanging from lamp shade frames from the ceiling.
Stephanie's sister in-law made the cake and the mothers made lots of delicious food.
Everything from the decor to the cake turned out just perfect!

My little sister is so special to me and I was honored to be able to throw her this bridal shower!
Even though she's married and "all grown up" she will still always be my baby sister!

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