Our Home

I was looking through my photos the other day and came across these pictures of our home! I've never posted any pictures of our home on my blog before......

The living room:




This is what you see as you walk in through the front door, a couple long couches from ikea and a couple really comfortable swivel recliner chairs as well . To the right is the kitchen and to the left is the family room:

Our lovely little kitchen. These are the original cabinets from the 70's. All we did was repaint them and put new handles on:



The nook where many delicious meals were served for friends and family. This is something I miss most about living in a home: having friends or family over EVERY night of the week!


The cozy family room. That big empty wall to the left is our projector wall. We had a projector mounted and that is how we watched movies and played WII Dance!


Our bedroom:

Putting these doors up on our closet was our final project and you can see in these pictures, my husband had just put the doors up and we were still needing to repaint the room. You can see the office through the other door in the hallway. That is where all my crafts/scrap-booking happened:

The lovely front yard and adorable red door. My husband maintained our yard, isn't he just amazing?!


We love a mix of retro/contemporary style and we like to keep things simple. 

About 9-10 months ago we put this home up for rent and moved into a tiny apartment because my commute to work was about an hour each way during rush hour traffic.... after several years of commuting 2+ hours per day you get really tired of spending so much time in the car.

Here is our current living space. We fit some of our furniture into our little apartment while the rest sits in storage waiting for a new home:

Oh.... and I now walk to work!!! No more commute!

We started house hunting again and I am super excited to buy a new home and get to decorate all over again!!! Once we get a new home I'm sure I will have lots more projects to share with you!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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