All Things New Sundays - Guest Post DIY

Hello All Things New readers!

My name is Sarah and I blog over here. 
Denise and I actually met on the airplane on the way to Cabo last Summer, isn't that fun?! We were sitting in the same row, and I think it was our husbands that recognized each other from church. 
A few months later we discovered each other's blogs! 

Anyway, Denise knows I'm obsessed with decor and anything DIY and asked me if I would guest post for her series on Sundays. I was so honored she thought of me, I had to say yes! 
My project isn't that complex, but hopefully it's encouraging to those of you that think DIY takes too much time or is too hard (do bloggers like that exist??)
Sometimes it's just the little things that make the biggest difference. 
In this case, it's white spray paint.

I found two of these guys sitting at the front of Goodwill a few months back and I think they were each $12 dollars. I only got one because the other one had  a chip in the corner (it was pretty obv.) PLUS they weigh like 218 pounds... seriously. When I bought the little fella he looked like this:


I still can't figure out what he was before he was mine. Maybe some sort of garden decor? Whatever he was, I was not feeling the discolored, splotchy, and drippy mess that was going on. But I always love a good makeover story, so I took him home with me.

And two bottles of spray paint (one primer and one paint):


After two coats of primer, the color was still coming through:


Three coats later, he was looking pretty good and now he lives in our living room as a little sofa table:

He kind of reminds me of something you could buy at a store like Z Gallerie but waaaaaaayyy cheaper and more personal. See what just a few coats of spraint can do? I love him.


For more DIY, fashion, and inspiration checkout Sarah's blog: Frills for Thrills.
Thank you Sarah for the awesome guest post!

I got back from New York on Tuesday night but have been so busy that I have not had a chance to catch up on blogging sooner! We had a blast on our trip and I will do a series of New York posts so I can share my trip with you. 

I will also announce the winner of the GIVEAWAY on Tuesday! Stay tuned! You can still enter here!

Happy Sunday!