DIY Autumn Wreath

So.. I promised to do a DIY of this Autumn wreath I made a few weeks ago.
I took pictures of all the supplies and the step by step process of putting it together and cannot find those pictures anywhere!
I think I may have accidently deleted them, so sorry!

Here is the pictureless DIY version:

~one grapevine wreath {I used the same grapevine wreath that I used on my Christmas wreath last year. See it here}
~one burlap roll
~fake decorative pumpkins {they need to be soft so you can poke through them}
~one artificial moss roll
~some sort of sign you can paint and write on
~chalkboard paint & chalk
~about 10 floral pins

Step 1: Wrap the artifial moss around part of the grapevine wreath and use the floral pins to pin it in place
Step 2: Place the pumpkins where you want them on the wreath and use the floral pins to hold them in place. I just poked the floral pins through the pumpkins and into the moss. I had to use 2 floral pins for some of the pumpkins.
Step 3: Paint your chalkboard sign and allow it to dry completely - I got my little sign from JoAnn Crafts. All I had to do was put one coat of chalk paint on it.
Step 4: Hang the wreath using the burlap roll
Step 5: Put your chalkboard sign up and write "Autumn" or whatever you please and your done!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section and I will get back to you!

Also.... Christmas is just around the corner! {yay I LOVE Christmas!}
Here are two of my Christmas DIY projects from last year:
{click on the pictures below for DIY instructions with pictures}

And... if you want to see some more of my DIY projects thay are all listed in the DIY tab at the top of my blog!

Hey, have a happy Friday!
{We are only one week away from Thanksgiving & a four day Thanksgiving weekend for me!}

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