Sunday, December 23, 2012

Weekend in the snow

IMG_3057 snow IMG_3013 pics
We don't get much snow in Portland but being able to drive only a few hours to enjoy it is better than no snow at all.
And in my book, the holidays are just a little better when you get to spend some time in the snow.
Husband + some really cool friends + snow = a wonderul weekend well spent before the New Year.
I hope you are all ready for Christmas!


Jessica said...

I love these photos! I Can't wait to see the snow when we visit family in Ohio! -Jessica L

Please may I? said...

Great photos. Looks like you had an amazing time x

eliz said...

So there has been no sign of snow in all and I don't mind...well maybe ...after looking at these pictures a little snow won't hurt hahha

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