three months old

We woke up to snow this morning!
What a perfect way to kick off December and the Christmas season!

Charlie and I spent the morning watching the snow fall in our pajamas.
I've had Christmas music playing non stop in the house since Thanksgiving and the fire has been roaring in the fireplace for much longer than that.
Snow was the only thing missing on a day like this!

After Charlies morning bath I decided to capture a few photos of him - that's what we do right?!
Take a million photos of our babies!?
I cannot believe he will be three months old tomorrow!
I know every month I say I cannot believe how fast he is growing, but really, he is growing so fast!
I was comparing the pictures I have been taking over the months and he has grown so much!
He is fattening up and getting lots of little rolls on his legs, arms and tummy which are so irresistible.
He's a strong, healthy boy and we are so grateful for that!

Tomorrow we are going on our annual Christmas Tree hunt!
See my posts from previous years here & here.
We have been going every year since I was a little girl and I am so looking forward to it.
Christmas will be extra special this year with our little Charlie boy to share it with!
I'm sure hoping the snow will stick around for a little while!
 (the snow this morning!)

Happy weekend & happy three months to our sweet boy!